Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look Ma, No Car!

Well, I went and did it. Thanks to a very gracious wife, I was given the green light to ride this morning (despite it being Marcy's day, I guess she's sick and tired of my incessant whining all day long!) so ride I did. It was a short ride, just seven miles by road, but I'll take it. After three weeks off, the legs weren't feeling all that chipper anyway. I would have liked to have done the short mtb commute which only takes me an additional 1/2 hour but sunrise is roughly when I'd be getting out of the woods and I didn't want to get blasted by any Death Eaters, I mean hunters in the pre-dawn light so I decided to play it safe. One might ask, how could someone possibly shoot at a deer that apparently has 1200 lumen headlights? One could ask but one would be stupid to do so. Who are we to deny a precious little deer the ability to see at night? I mean, really, I've seen four year olds with their own cell phones so deer with headlights can't be all that far down the road. Plus, we're talking about rednecks with guns. You can never be too careful with that combination and, remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people asking questions!

Smiling and on the bike. Good times!

In this pic you can (not so clearly) see that I've zip tied Chance's tags to the bar of the El Mariachi. I did this for a couple of reasons. The first of which was that I figured the constant tinkle, tink, tinkleeydoo of the tags would provide a bit more safety for me while riding in the woods during hunting season. When you ride a single speed you tend to be pretty stealth and a bike crunching through the leaves can sound an awful lot like two or three deer skittering about (I know this because I used to hunt when I was a kid). Most deer don't wear dog collars so I figure if a hunter hears the tinkling they'll think that either a dog or someone's pet deer is coming. Safety first. The other reason I put them there is so that I can get sad every time I hop on my bike. Nothing like a constant reminder that you recently had to put your best bud down.
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Jason said...

I sound more like a lumbering bear or a constipated moose when I ride.

rick is! said...

or an overly aroused teenager.

Big Bikes said...

Ya but the jingling tags make you easy prey for Dog Hunters (not to be confused with Dog The Bounty Hunter).

Sorry about you best bud, that's too bad.


rick is! said...

yeah but I don't live near any Thai people so I think I'm safe. Wait, that was racially inconsiderate. I apologize.

rick is! said...

plus I work with a Thai guy so that makes it ok to joke about them right???

Wheels said...

What are you saying, they all look alike? So insensitive.

the original big ring said...

Shit. Didn't realize that you lost a dog (I must have missed that post a while back). So sorry to hear that Rick. I just went back and clicked on the link, read what you wrote and looked at the photos. Nearly cried, but held it together as I sit amongst a bunch of testosterone filled future coppers.
We lost Jacks (to cancer as well) in the beginning of this year. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I don't feel funny saying that. I think of him daily and miss him dearly. His collar and tags sit on my dresser and his paw print is tattoo'ed on my leg.
They love us unconditionally and accepts us as we are. Rest in peace Chance.

rick is! said...

thanks Craig. somehow, the annoying mutts really become a part of our lives.