Friday, November 20, 2009

Riding Makes it Right

I've noticed something recently and wonder if you have too. It shouldn't come as a shock I guess but since I started running and have gotten a couple of rides in, I have more of an urge to blog. For a few weeks there I was so apathetic that I wasn't sure if I even wanted to do this any more and was posting more out of a sense of obligation (for some stupid reason since I'm sure that the four people who read this would somehow, eventually, find a way to carry on with life without semi-daily installments from me) then a real desire to do so. But give me some physical activity and shazam! I'm all over my mediocre blogging like brown on rice (white rice is the devil! unless it's with sushi and then it's dreamy).

This week I got in two commutes and three pretty decent trail runs and all of a sudden all is right with the world and I've done, count them, four only mildly making you want to stick a pencil through your eye and rummage around in your brain to find the memory of reading it so that you can kill that portion of your brain so you can pretend you didn't just waste 3 1/2 precious minutes of your day blog posts.

You can thank me later.


Jason said...

While I CAN get over that I just wasted 3.5 minutes reading this, I can't get over the amount of cyclists f*cking running. WTF? ;) J/K, it's all good. Keep it.

rick is! said...

but you can only just technically call it "running" anyway. More of a fast-ish shuffle.