Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Remember waaaaayyyyyy back to yesterday when I said that trail running is just like mountain biking except for the fun and endorphins? Well, today, after laying awake in bed from 3:20 until 4:30 I decided to get up and do it all over again. The trails were a bit drier today now that the 3" of rain we got over the weekend has had a chance to drain and as I ran I found myself thinking "huh, I don't feel nearly as crappy as last week. Maybe I'm getting into this. You know what? I'm not hating this right now!". So, there you go. I wouldn't say that was exactly a glowing endorsement for trail running on my part but it's a start. Maybe some day in the not so distant future fun AND endorphins will become part of the equation.

The first step in that will be for me to find a way to loop the trail back to the house without hitting the pavement since a large percentage of me not hating the run this morning was because I did an out and back and never touched pavement. If you've been mountain biking long you know that the only thing worse than no riding at all is an out and back ride. I'm not sure why but out and backs just seem stupid and unfun thus I avoid them like the plague and that feeling crept into my bulbous melon as I was out and backing this morning. Time to get to work on a loop.

Oh god, I just realized that I'm writing about creating RUNNING trails. Quick! Get a pedal wrench and bust my kneecaps before I do something stupid like start training for triathlons! Oh wait, I've got an off road tri planned for next summer. Never mind.

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Wheels said...

I feel the same way about loops. Although I know it will be different to ride a section in oppposite directions, it must feel like an unproductive ride because you basically undo your ride. I think it must be from our years of racing loops.