Monday, November 23, 2009


I didn't ride this weekend. Shocker, I know. I did kick some cedar shingle ass though and have some great progress to show for it on the house.

Because of my (still present) inability to sleep through the night, I find myself at work super early this morning (not much on regular tv at 3:15 am) but that means that because of some clever planning (and a bit of laziness last night. don't worry, I won't bore you with an explanation) I'm going to be able to ride my road bike home this morning, in the daylight and sun hopefully, so that I can get cleaned up to go to a doctor's appointment.

Riding while Mr. Sunbeam is in the sky should be an interesting change. Although, I have to admit, now that I have the Dinotte lights, riding in the dark is hardly riding in the dark but at the same time you have to appreciate the sun's radiant warmth. I don't think I say it enough but I like the sun. What I don't like is eastern standard time when you live in Maine. Dark before 4:30 (in Eastport, one of the furtherest easternpointyest places in maine, I hear it's dark by 12:15. at least)? Are you frickin' kidding me? My buddy who splits time between here and Pittsburgh (argh! can you imagine having the Steelers as your home team?) has the sun until closer to 6:30. You know that I also like (or at least think I would)? Atlantic Standard Time. Maine juts out into the Atlantic so it makes sense to me and then we could skip daylight savings time in the summer so I don't have to go about resetting all of my clocks (both internal and external) twice a year. More light and time savings! I'm a genius.


Jason said...

Man, for the past 2 months I wake up between 3:45 and 4:15. Then it's game over. Not fun.

If they're you home team it's "Stillers."

rick is! said...

ah, man. totally forgot you're into football these days. when are they designating a town Rothlessbergervilleton?

Jason said...

ALL LIES! No football for me, thank you very much. BUT it IS unavoidable here. Last night on the evening news one of the TOP stories (NOT the during Sports) was about "Ben's injury" and how the back up is hurt too. Seriously?? They would of course cover the story in more details in Sports and have more info after the coaches press conference today (which they will no doubt cover live, so that we can all sleep easy and not worry about "Ben."