Friday, September 18, 2009

Tummy Tingles

One day and counting before the throw down. Did you hear that Jason??? Tomorrow, September 19th is the Bradbury 12. Not three weeks ago, not last week, not yesterday. Tomorrow. As in the day after today. We clear now? Good, lets move on.

I've been doing xc races for long enough now that I don't typically get the pre-race jitters until the day of the race at which point I make several trips to cut weight before each race. Funny side note for you. When B and I were both doing the race in Camden (me in the real race and B in the kids race) we crossed paths several times leading up to our races. B complained about having to go so much and wondered if it would ever end. We were afraid that she was getting sick but the funny thing is that once her race was over (which she rocked!) her tummy was all better. Apparently the nervous colon runs in the family.

Anyway, while xc races are old hat for me, endurance races are anything but and myself and others in my family (who will remain nameless because she can withhold sex) tend to get the motors running a bit early. Today to be exact. Maximum weight will be cut for sure.

Tension is starting to build as well. I sort of freaked last night while getting things together and I think I may have annoyed Marcy a bit. I could tell because she was slowly edging closer and closer to the frying pan which she planned to use to give me an attitude adjustment. Hopefully, since tonight is a B free night, we'll both be able to pull the rest of our stuff together and enjoy at least a couple hours of relaxation before a night of fitful sleep and numerous jaunts to the loo.

Off to the races!


Dana said...

Ha! Now I feel a bit better for having my pre-race jitters.

Good luck Saturday!

Jason said...

I've lost interest now. ;) Hope it went well.

rick is! said...

it went ok.