Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let the skirt blowing begin

Over the past week, a local e-mail list I'm on has been all a twitter about this weekend's upcoming 12 hour race (yep, that's right, talking about it yet again). It's really quite amazing how jazzed up people are about the race especially since the state's xc series is officially toes up after this season because of low turnout for races. There are literally dozens of e-mails going back and forth on a daily basis now as people are getting amped up (and probably a bit nervous) about the fun and suffering 250 souls are about to enjoy together.

In addition to excitement, there seems to be a bit of gamesmanship happening as well with one of my competitors blowing a bit of sunshine up my skirt with this:

Rick I did the complete loop with some extra credit thrown in Monday night at 1 hour 2 min.

With your talent and speed you should be in the mid 40’s or lower.

He has to be trying to into my head with the whole "your talent and speed" remark. Sure, I am extremely talented and quite speedy (in bed! ba da ba!) but I have to question his intent. Is he trying to make me overconfident and therefore an easy mark or is he trying to make me question my abilities by making a comment that I'll surely over analyze? Cagy bastard!


Jason said...

In my mind this race took place 3 weeks ago, and then again last week. SOooooo, yet again I wish you good luck WHENEVER this f*cking race is. Look forward to hearing and reading about it. said...

MMBA all done? that is sad. I guess I have no excuse but to put on the summer series at Bradbury now. I better get my act together

rick is! said...

Jason, this is it. TOMORROW is the day.

Andrew, that's the word from Al and Darcy. I haven't talked to Emmy about it though. A summer series at bradbury would be sweet.

Wheels said...

Clear your head and have a great ride Saturday.