Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm not sure that I'll have a whole lot of bloggie time today for a real race write-up so I'll give you the lil rundown today with the real report to come.

race: Bradbury 12

class: solo single speed

gear: 32x18

laps: 11 (could have done 12 but I would have cried the whole lap)

miles: 88 (roughly)

8 servings perpetuem

8 bottles heed

6 endurolytes

4 super mini snickers

1 banana

4 sleeves shot blocks

2 cans chicken and stars

1/2 coke

result: 1st YEAH BABY!


Jason said...


Wheels said...

Beauty, congrats!

Linda said...

Way to go, Rick! I knew having that stupid bird chase you would help! J/K, glad to hear of your win. I was thinking about that yesterday...excellent!