Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fire in the hole!

Ok, so I have nothing to blog about today (surprise, surprise!) other than the Bradbury 12 is officially sold out at 250 riders so the place is going to be a madhouse this weekend. Unfortunately, there are fewer ss and expert solos this year but the solo sport class is huge so there is still plenty of interest there. I'm not sure why there is an expert and sport class anyway. If you're riding solo why not just go expert and get a chance at some cash (sport racers only get a medal) since you'll be riding the same amount anyway. Questions to be pondered I guess.

Oh yeah, the title. Since I had nothing to write about today I was going to post these two totally hilarious photos of myself from B's birthday party last weekend. The first is me trying in vain to get the fire started before eventually resorting to the propane torch to get things going. The second shows me having no trouble what so ever getting flames to burst from the grill while I was cooking for the masses at the party.

Aren't you glad you tuned in? About 5 years of this crap now that you'll never get back.

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