Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Race report tomorrow. Promise!

Until then, I'd like to congratulate my talented and apparently clairvoyant family on team "The Awesome Rick Nelson's Family" for their impressive come from behind almost victory snatching a podium position (3rd) away from "One of these days..." in the late portion of the race. "One of these days..." maybe your ship will come in one of these days. (see what I did there??? I slay me!)

Anyway, congrats to my brothers Rus and Darren, my father and, of course, Marcy for pulling it off despite having two teammates who have never raced, one who raced twice 6 years ago and one who can race but is just a lazy slacker.

Rus (lazy slacker)
My dad (just after he tagged Marcy)
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Wheels said...

Congrats to the team depsite the name!

rick is! said...

For some reason, Marcy was embarrassed to get up on the podium when they announced the team name.