Monday, June 15, 2009

Yet another quickie

Things have been ever so busy in my world recently. Being so important and in demand (and dashingly handsome in a big nosed sort of way) it can be tough finding time to ride and blog. I'm guessing that you've already noticed that based on the lack of posts and when I do post, the lack of quality. Oh, and the whining, the constant, incessant whining about being too busy. That too.
Regardless, I had written off Friday's group ride with KillBill and his cohorts because we'd had an entire week of rain and there was no sign of it letting up. Much to my surprise, when I walked out of the hardware store mid afternoon, the sun was out and my brain quickly shifted gears to figure out how to finagle a way to get to the ride. Thankfully, I have a kind hearted wife who understands my NEED to ride after having witnessed a winter filled with "depressed me" (as opposed to the typical "annoying me") and allowed me to change family movie night to Saturday thus allowing me to get dirty.
The venue for the Friday night rides holds up amazingly well in the rain so the four of us had a great time on super fun trails while only hitting a few wet spots.

Channing doing what Channing does best (besides consistently being 15 minutes late) yap, yap, yapping.

The yellow flower I somehow picked up on the toe of my shoe. It stayed there for most of the ride.

Gratuitous crotch shot.


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Channing said...

"yap, yap, yapping."
I resemble that remark

rick is! said...

I can't argue that.