Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Down to Bidness
The above pic may look familiar since I attempted to schedule my racing year several months ago but, as you know, that plan went out with the bike bath water because of various reasons. Yesterday, I decided to give it another shot and was pleased to see that with how the summer is shaping up (most of my races in August/September) I have a pretty good shot at being in relatively good shape when my A&B races commence. I knew that this plan could be shelled pretty quickly if I tried to lay it out too far in advance so, instead I simply mapped out my next week. Last night had me doing hill intervals and much to my delight, I was able to complete them in the prescribed zones (unlike last week's ill fated attempt!). To top it off, I actually had spunky legs for my commute this morning and I found myself having to reel myself in to keep from hammering up the hills so that I can save myself for tomorrow's race start efforts. Joy.

I rescued this little guy from the side of the road. I thought it was a salamander but it turns out it's a red spotted newt so I plucked it's eyes out to use in an evil potion.

shell shocked after completing my final interval.


Mike J said...

In the words of the A Team "I love it when a plan comes together"

rick is! said...

as of now the plan has just been put together. time will tell if it comes together or not.

Pete said...

W101 is in august.....just sayin

Jason said...

Pete's right.
I too am "just sayin"

rick is! said...

thankfully the w101 conflicts with another race I'm doing this summer. I don't think I'm be up to that race on a single speed this year. put me down for next year though.

I hear kristen got some of her ancient abortion tools back from an installation she was in so that will be fun.