Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry Bike Blog folks

I see that I'm getting linked a bit from bikeblogs.com today. I wish I could give you some good content but hey, I've been too busy lately to provide any good content. Ok, this blog was only ever so slightly better when I did have time to spend on this blather. My real limitation is writing talent and a very poor memory. You see, I think of many great, nay, outstanding post ideas while I twitter away my day but when bloggy time cometh my brain resembles a mid-west trailer park after a tornado hit. You can tell that at one time something was there but it doesn't seem to be of much value any more. Welcome to my brain, population zero. If you're still with me, by all means, read on.


Pete said...

I spend all day on this blog hitting the refresh button and this is all you got?

rick is! said...

sadly, yes.