Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going the Opposite Way

Ever since I made the switch to a hardtail single speed, Steve (aka: killbill) has been subtly coercing me into getting a full suspension, geared 29'er. His feeling being that everybody is faster on a full sus. Why am I telling you this when I can cut and paste his e-mail:

Subject: The Bike You Would Kill It On...

Oh yes...
No maintenance(seriously), no bob, pure screaming bike. Same frame I have, but in 29r form. Probably around 5lbs. $1550 your cost. I know...I know...but one ride on that frame and you would never, ever look back at riding a hard tail. I'm glad you'll never get one as likely, your riding would go through the roof. Just trust me on that one.


Personally, I think it's cute that he calls himself Steven but I still prefer KillBill (a play on his last name). I have to admit that he may have a point and I'm certainly intrigued by the bike but I don't think I'll be hopping on one anytime soon. It sure is purty though and it comes in my favorite color!

Of course, he will be my direct competition once my racing season starts so maybe he's just trying to get in my head. You know, make me question my stupid (see he's done it already) decision to race a hardtail ss against full boingy gearies. Of course if Thom can do it, why can't I? Maybe because he's tougher than I am and a more talented cyclist...

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