Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm stuck in the frickin office tonight and completely STACKED with work so I'm gonna photo blog. I'm sure you won't mind since the content of one of my typical blog posts is about as entertaining as watching the Bachelorette. Oh wait, now that Marcy and I only have two tv stations to chose from, The Bachelorette is the highlight of our evening. Sad, very sad.

Anyway, after ditching the spud for something like the 180th consecutive Friday night we managed to get a little wifey/studly ride in Saturday morning. It was good to finally show Marcy some of our local trails (she knew a few already) and what marriage couldn't use a bit more rubber between the legs, sweating and heavy breathing???

rolling out, blissfully leaving the camper behind.

perfecting the two-up pic. look up woman!

this pic doesn't do the trail justice, just to the left is a nasty drop onto large, pointy things. that'll leave a mark.

we left without the pooch but he somehow found us on a trail he had never been on before. maybe the football size tumor is helping his schnoz finally work!

did you notice I called myself a stud up there? Aint I an impish lil' devil? :)


Wheels said...

40 minutes until The Bachelorette. Glad I found time to catch up on reading about how humble you are and seeing a crotch shot!

rick is! said...

sadly, we are now two of americas 10 citizens without digital tv or cable access. bachelorette denied!