Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm now afraid of birds

After last week's little itty bitty bird run-in I found myself twitching and on the verge of a full appendage flailing sprint anytime I sense a bird getting close. Case in point, on Saturday I got up early to sneak in a quick mountain bike ride before working on the house. At one point during the ride, I was forced to do the under tree bike limbo we're all accustomed to. Once I was fully committed to the move and totally defenseless I noticed a couple of small, fledgling type birds scamper into the bushes in front of me immediately followed by loud squawking coming from behind my left shoulder. I immediately freaked, deposited a couple of pooh scented diamonds in my shorts, and braced for impact. Of course, this time it wasn't a hawk, just a partridge doing it's broken-wing-follow-me-instead-of-my-babies dance. It was enough to freak me out though. My sphincter muscles are getting a workout these days.

If you look really closely, you won't see the partridge I was trying to take a picture of.

Then yesterday, while working on the house, I was forced to work near a nest on one of our temporary brackets. We were kind in letting the birds build their nest to have their babies but, sadly, they didn't return the favor as I spent the afternoon in terror as the 2 oz. balls of flying death harassed me to no end until I was done on that side of the house.

This Mr. Nye, is a frog (or maybe toad), not a bird.

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