Thursday, May 07, 2009

Parts are IN!

You'd think that I'd be more excited to know that all of the parts for my Selma build are in at the fantabulous But I'm not. Why? You ask. Well, maybe it's because Selma in a caniving beyoutch and is taking her sweet ass time on that slow boat from China. Sight seeing probably. If I were actually doing next week's race I'd be more keyed up but I just found out that my company is organizing a little get together at my place next week and will be helping us side the house, on the same day as the first race of the season. So, I could do one of two things, I could say "thank for the generous offer to help BUILD OUR HOUSE but I've got a race to do" or I could bag a race in which I'll suck more than anyone has ever sucked before. Hmmm, tough decision.

Speaking of the house (like you haven't heard enough about it recently) I found out the other day that it will be featured in a sweet new mag called Maine Home and Design in their Drawing Board section. Pretty cool since it's THE design mag for Maine. Yeah, it's only Maine but they still have some pretty cool shit. Hopefully this means that once construction is done (ever???) they'll feature it in a full article. Fingers crossed. Until then, I'll be eagerly awaiting the July issue.


Laps said...

I have a frame, but I am waiting to go home to get my parts.

I feel your pain.
Congratulations on the star status of your house, Did you design it yourself??

Wheels said...

I hear ya. I may end up with 4 days off the bike this weekend, no thanks to mother's day. Next weekend I'll be in MA for Drake's hockey tourney. I'm TRYING to wiggle out to the EFTA race. It's only 45 minutes away!!!

rick is! said...

of course I designed it you silly goose.