Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two Days, Two Rides

It doesn't happen often these days but between Monday and Tuesday I somehow managed two rides. Monday's was a short, one hour mountain bike jaunt in my new local stomping grounds and today was commuting action. Nothing too exciting but it was nice to be out and finally feeling good again. That frickin bug I had last monday totally screwed me up for the whole week and weekend. On monday's ride I finally felt human again. A slow as snot, out of shape donkey of a human but human none-the-less.
The following pics aren't from my most recent rides but actually from an ill conceived ride last week (on a day I thought I was feeling better). It turned out I was still sick and ended up suffering mightily for 1:30. If I'd had an out, I would have taken it. During the ride I was tasked with retrieving Marcy's coat which we had stashed on a ride two week prior (woopsie!). Thankfully, it was still there and not suffering from a case of mildewdies.
notice anything wrong with this picture?

Ok, how 'bout now?

the ride was sucking so much donkey d*ck that I decided to walk the final stretch to marcy's jacket to avoid a very short hill. Tail between legs, check.

No mildew, check.
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Mike J said...

Sometimes when I'm sick and I ride I feel just fine but there are those times when it makes you want to hurl. Sound like you got the latter.

rick is! said...

hurlage, no. drag assage, yes.