Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GRRRRR Revealed

So what exactly was this GRRRRR I talking about the other day? Details are still a bit fuzzy but here is what I know so far. First off, GRRRRR stands for Ginormous Racin Rick Righteous Riding Rendezvous. Pretty clever don't you think? I think so and I'm an amazingly smart and creative guy, so I should know. Essentially, it's a weekend filled with debauchery, riding, more debauchery and even more debauchery and possibly a hangover or two.

Things will start out with a Friday afternoon/evening ride on the frickin sweet Camden Snow Bowl trails. Many people have ridden the snow bowl's race course (which is sweet b.t.w.) but very few people know the true wonders of the spot. Friday night if you have 2-3 hours to kill, you will too. Afterwards, we'll head to our new (hopefully finished) place for an evening of beer, ping pong, Wii, PS3 and whatever else comes to mind.

Saturday morning, after a hearty breakfast, we'll head out for a multi-hour (4+ hopefully) mountain bike ride directly from the house. Saturday night we'll repeat Friday nights festivities.

Sunday, we'll hit up another of Maine's primo riding destinations, Bradbury Park. If you've done a race there, you know it's probably the best place in Maine to ride and with the addition of the Tryon mountain area, we should be able to put together a sweet ending to a killer weekend.

Sound good to you? Let me know because I suspect I need to make some more friends to pad the numbers.

More info to come.


Wheels said...

That actually sounds like fun. FYI, I play the Wii Fit naked so my clothes don't adversely affect my unhealthy BMI. Some of the Yoga poses can get ugly. Is that a problem?

rick is! said...

of course it sounds like fun. what did you expect???

why would naked Wii be a problem? I though everyone did that. Shit, I'm naked right now.

Jason said...

GRRRR - Nice! Pad those numbers.

Laps said...

Any idea when this GRRRReat ride is going to happen? I might be able to make the trek to Vacationland. I am not into naked Wii, though. That is just weird.

rick is! said...

It'll be a weekend in September. I'll be picking the date soon.