Monday, March 30, 2009

What's in a Picture

The other day, while out for a trailer ride with B, I took a few pics of a giant fisherman statue that sits at the entrance of a coastal hotel just down the road from our current residence.

At first glance, everything seems pretty normal but as you drive/ride past things get a bit more interesting...

Didn't see it? Well, how 'bout now?

cleverly positioned thumb!

Now, before you start saying that I'm just a dirty perv (I am) and that no one other than me would see this, you should know that this was pointed out to me by a friend of ours, Jen (another dirty perv by the way). I've got to say, that was totally a ballsy (pun totally intended) move by the artist responsible for the statue.


Laps said...

I guess it is all in how you wiggle your worm.

Jason said...

Good eye Dirty Perv, good eye! You should see what I see when I look at a doughnut.