Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look What the Brown Santa Brought

Yesterday, the brown santa made a much anticipated delivery courtesy of the Green Santa and Ergon-Bike. The box contained two sets of Ergon's GX2 magnesium barend grips. Frickin-a sweet! Too bad I don't have a bike to put them on yet. All Bikeman.com team members were given explicit orders not to pester team manager Big "don't call me gay" Al about when the team orders from SRAM and Salsa would be in because just imagine the time Al would spend answering daily e-mails and phone calls from neurotic, emaciated Adam Craig wanna-bes about when their precious bits would be in. I've got to admit though, that I've come precariously close to calling a time or two and even went so far as to try an end around with another bikeman.com employee figuring that if I asked Taber, I might find out what I needed and technically still be playing by the rules. Unfortunately, Taber knew shit (as if I didn't already know that) and he probably narc'ed me out to Al. Stupid Taber. Anyway, I guess until some Salsa goodness and some SRAM-tastic bits show up I'll just have to get kitted up, hold the grips in my hands and get all Monty Python with my imagination.


Wheels said...

Be sure to take pictures.

Jason said...

I've thought about sending Al e mails like the old days just to jack him off! Wait, I did just send him an e mail, but it wasn't about your shit.

BTW- I haven't got my SRAM goodies either. I think we wannabees are low on the list ;)

rick is! said...

argh. need stuff.