Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Trailer Ride of the Season

That's the tip of my saddle sticking out there, if you were wondering.

This afternoon I decided to leave work early (after only 10 1/2 hours) and pic B up from school in her trailer. Thankfully, she was excited to see me in my riding kit. The other parents may not have been quite as excited.
Do you have any idea how many tries it took to get this picture? You try to get your ass, your kid and the water beyond all while riding.
From there we proceeded to hit every road and hill within close vicinity of the house (I've learned that there are two keys to taking your kid for a successful trailer ride, 1. always bring a snack and some water and 2. never get too far from home because when it gets ugly, it gets ugly and nobody wants to ride for an hour with a screaming kid in the back. what would the neighbors think?). Some of the climbs were serious nut droppers including several that were over 15% and one that touched 20%. Try doing that sometime with a 39/23 gear combo and a 40 lb kid tagging along in a trailer. PAINFUL! On the 20%'er I was forced to do the dreaded sawing back and forth in the road to keep any speed (and knee cartilage).
After meandering around for about an hour we rolled into the driveway while B still had a smile on her face. Mission accomplished. (morning edit: she asked for, and got, a ride to school this morning too)


Wheels said...

No comment.

Wendler said...

You must have the snacks and drinks for the trailer ride. The things we do to ride!

rick is! said...

yep. gotta be creative.