Thursday, March 13, 2008

The cold

can bite me! I know I always preach about how much I like winter riding, how fun and challenging it can be and yada, yada, yada but I'm officially sick of it. This morning's commute was fairly cold at 20 degrees but not even remotely as cold as it has been on occasion this winter but I still felt like I was freezing to death. I know that it was 99% psychological though since I didn't really get cold (my hands and feet stayed fairly warm) but apparently my brain has had enough. Usually by mid-March I'd be enjoying rides in the 40's and 50's. Ma Nature can kiss my chaffed taint right now. To top it off, the cold weather is already messing with my training plan which is less that one week old at this point. I had hoped to be able to switch over to my road bike by now so that I'd have better control of my efforts on rides but with the crappy road conditions and the fact that my road shifters don't engage well in the cold (this has happened to me on two bikes now. they work fine when warm but don't engage when its cold) I guess because they're getting worn or something.
Got this graphic from Marcy this morning. Notice the amount of snow we have here in Maine still! The Syracuse area of New York which is notorious for getting dumped on by lake effect snow has next to nothing while we still have tons here. Even on the coast, where we are (on our new property at least) there is still a solid foot of snow. Frig.

Bring on the spring!


Jason said...

I rode in shorts and short sleeves today. I'd like to be happier about it but back to the 40's on Sat. Drat!
Still beats 12" of white stuff. Hang in there broseph.

rick is! said...

you are dead to me.