Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As I mentioned yesterday, yesterday was my first day of my build/peak/race program from Lynda and I completed my interval sessions on my commute home. It was a bit tough to do on a single speed since it's hard to find sections around here where you can go all out for 3 minutes straight multiple times without spinning out but with a little creativity I was able to complete all of the intervals and only felt like vomiting a couple of times. Good stuff. Hopefully the weather and roads improve soon so that I'll be able to rock the road rig for these sessions since it will make it easier to keep in the specified zones.

There is no question in my mind that this plan will make me faster this summer. How much faster I don't know but this is definitely the type of stuff I've been missing for the last few years. When I lived in Camden I was surrounded by like minded folks and had no trouble finding frisky road and mountain bike rides where I got more than my share of intervals and hard efforts so real focused training wasn't necessary for me then. Fast forward a few year, job change, child and no riding buddies living nearby and focus is just a wee bit more important.
Saw this pic the other day from a dude near Portland who made toe warmers for his bike shoes out of old tubes. Pretty clever. Not sure about his stitching though.

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Jason said...

Good luck with your plan man. Sounds like it will give you a little kick in the junk to kick some ass this spring/summer!