Monday, November 05, 2007

road bike, meet dirt

While on an early morning Saturday road spin trying to get some time in before this weekend's noreaster I noticed a little slice of single track just outside of town. Who cares if I was riding my road bike, I was going to hit it and see what it had to offer. Once off the road I had to ride over two stone walls, a bunch of roots and a slippery, leaf covered climb. I managed to get to the top (just barely) without dabbing once but I did decide it was best to not do the powerline downhill I found once at the top. Going up on a road bike isn't so bad but going down could hurt. The panaracer extreme evo's held up to the task nicely and I was soon rolling on the pavement again and freezing my arse off as the storm winds blew in.

The up.
This would have been my downhill, it was full of large ledge faces. Death to all road bikes.

The road tires seeing more dirt than most suv's do in a lifetime.

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