Thursday, November 01, 2007


Around this time of year, cyclists (who aren't racing cross at least) start to think about training for the next season and will start training specifically for next year anytime between now and the new year. The typical first stage of training, base, is accomplished with lots of LSD, not the green talking pig kind but the Long Slow Distance type. I suppose I'll hit that phase once the new year hits myself but first I need to prep for the base phase.

"Well, how do you do that?" one might ask if one actually read this blog.

Its actually quite simple to prep for your base phase. Your main goal will be to lose all of that race season fitness you worked so hard to gain all summer. For me the best way to do this is lots of SSD or Slow Short Distance. There are 7 keys to make these SSD rides successful. Here they are.

  1. Carry a cup of coffee with you. If you have coffee in your hands it is impossible to push too hard.
  2. Keep it short, there is no better way to prep for lots of long rides than to do very short, easy rides.

  3. Don't fight headwinds. Don't put your head down and force your way through a strong headwind, instead, sit up, spin easy and marvel at all the sights you normally miss when your heartrate gets above 100 bpm.

  4. Have no idea where or how long you're going out for because if you know you only have 40 minutes to ride you might make the mistake of riding hard to compensate.

  5. Overdress. Nobody wants to get hot and sweaty.
  6. or underdress on the road. This will keep you from going too fast on the flats because more speed = more wind = more windchill plus if you really crank it up and get sweaty the first downhill will have you pulling out your trusty light saber and gutting a cow to climb into.
  7. If you're riding a single speed, undergear slightly. If you have a low enough gear you won't be working too hard on hills and it will discourage you from really cranking on the flats because spinning 200 rpm's is so trackie.

Bonus tips. If the above 7 don't do the trick, here are a couple more that are sure to accomplish this elusive goal.

  1. Drink lots of beer.
  2. Take a second or even third helping of grandma's famous deep fried, double chocolate, fudge swirled confectioners delight at Christmas.

If you follow these easy tips you'll be good and slow come the begining of base with nowhere to go but up!


Jason said...

An instant Racin' Rick classic! Get that one to Alan for the site man.
I like #8 of course. Hey, that's what I'm doing right now! Sweeeeeet!

Wheels said...

I am looking forward to regressing soon, planning to skip right to 1 & 2 at the bottom. I think grandma sold her recipe in #2 to Dunkin Donuts, isn't that a chocolate glazed donut?!