Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just ahead of the storm

Since today was my day to commute in by bike so of course they were calling for rain to start last night and last through the day today. As a result, I had mentally and physically prep'd myself for a soggy slog in this a.m. in sub-40 degree temps. To my delight, when I woke up this morning at 4:30 not only were the roads dry but the temperature had somehow actually risen 5-10 degrees since my commute home last night. I'll take that even if it means 25 mph wind gusts that nearly blow me off the road on a couple of occasions. By the time I rolled into the parking lot it had started to sprinkle and by the time I has showered and changed there was a steady light rain. Going to bed before 10 every night may not do much for my social life but it did help keep me dry this morning. Small victories.

Here is a pic of me observing Rule No. 1. I will be contacting Guinness to see if I've set a world record for amount of junk mounted to a set of handlebars but I should probably add some tassles first.


Jason said...

nice. then you can contact Simple Green about cleaning your bar tape ;)

I too am in bed most nights before 10 and I don't even get up to commute.


rick is! said...

yeah, I will never again have a light colored bar tape. I'll never again wrap my own bars for that matter because I SUCK at it.

Jason said...

Me too. I totally f*cked up the last time I did it. Had to use electrical tape to fix spots. Since then I go to a pro.

weak and feeble said...

I like the coffee mug- that go in the bottle cage? I wish I had a pic of you taking this pic- one hand sort of on the bars holding a travel mug other hand extended out taking the photo- love it!