Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pop quiz

Did I blow out the zipper on my long sleeve jersey by:

A. Cranking out mad wattage during sprints
B. Getting the stomach ready for the upcoming holidays by pre-stretching the gullet with mass quantities of food
C. The zipper died on it's own while in the dryer

Of course the correct answer is C because while I have been watching what I eat very closely (with a few slip ups, oops) I am definitely not putting out mad power right now. My power sits in the pre-pubescent girl range right now. Unfortunately, the dead zipper didn't show itself until I was at the in-laws on Sunday preping to ride back home (30-ish miles) in low 30 degree temps and I had no back-up clothing to use. Instead of throwing in the towel I found some binder clips (I should say the mother in law found them, thanks JO!), clipped the jersey kind of closed and went on my way. MacGuyver, eat your heart out!
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Jason said...

Snow? Yikes.
Zipper- ghetto. But functional. I'm still rocking last year's shorts with the f*cked chamois. By the end of the ride my chamois is so far up my ass it's rubbing my colon.

Have a good holiday.


rick is! said...

you gotz ta get your mom to fix the shorts like mine did. running strong.