Tuesday, November 20, 2007

beautiful terror

I was having a beautiful ride in this morning. It was cold at 30 degrees but without the rain of the last several commutes, it felt downright balmy. 15 minutes in I'm cruising silently along a dark and deserted back road, two feet from the trees and bushes right on the side of the road, when I hear a rustling at my heels. Something was coming out of the woods AT me! No question. Before looking to see what it was (it was pitch black at 5:30 anyway so there probably wasn't much to see) I jumped out of the saddle and sprinted my ass out of there with my heart in my throat. This is Maine so I doubt my aggressor was all that dangerous but in the dark, caught by suprise like that it might as well have been a homicidal chain saw toting lunatic with how freaked it made me. I spent the next mile looking over my shoulder occasionally JUST IN CASE.

Also in today's news, the Dirt Rag article I mentioned last week is out. CLICKY and read it for yourself. Good read.

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