Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grocery getter

Wow, I just re-read today's post and even I can't believe how amazingly boring it is! I won't hold it against you if you decide never to come back here again...

With the way gas prices currently are and how tight my schedule is I've been trying really hard to drive less and ride more. I'm now on a two commute by bike week schedule. I would prefer to do more but Marcy needs to get to the gym too so the every other day thing seems to work best (her spin class is mon/wed/fri so I ride tues/thurs so she has a fighting chance to hit two of the classes). I'm also beginning to do other things by bike like getting groceries. Brynna's trailer makes a pretty darn good grocery trailer and I can carry close to a weeks worth of vittles in that sucker withoug too much trouble. I do have to admit though that the single speed is a lot tougher to ride home than it is on the way there. Thankfully the grocery store is only about 2 miles away so the ride back isn't all that bad. I also have some silly ideas about building a trailer to haul the kayak behind the bike so we don't have to drive the mile and a half to put-in. These things probably don't make a whole hell of a lot of difference environmentally wise but in the end every little bit counts and if it gets me more ride time, thats a bonus.

Since this is the off season, I've also been picking up my Pilates/abs/stretching/weight training routine again and I've got to admit, its nice to feel my abs again and almost be able to touch my toes without screaming in pain (as much). I'm also trying out Jason's recommendation of to keep track of my eating habits. Its sort of a pain in the ass at first but once you get going it doesn't seem to tough and you'd be suprised how much it makes you re-think that afternoon donut when you know you have to punch it into the computer afterwards. Hopefully it will help me hit my weight goals for next season a bit easier and help me get through the holidays without porking out tooooo much.
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Jason said...

See I can help! I've found the DP the easiest to use out of many nutritional logs and it has the easiest database to search and enter foods. Plus one I can one or two weeks in, I realized I eat the same core foods and can just click 'em each day. Weekends are hard for me, since I'm not as structured or strict with my diet. But figure if I can watch 5 to 6 days, I can at least maintain. Good luck