Tuesday, November 13, 2007

42 deg wet diaper

This morning's commute was a super, duper 42 degree rainy mess. Yippee! In reality it wasn't all that bad. Sure I got wet but after missing saddle time yesterday (a beautiful day to boot) it was nice to at least get out. On top of that, its going to be sunny and in the low 50's this afternoon plus I get to add to my tough guy point total with the people here at work.

In other news, if you get Dirt Rag, keep your eyes peeled in this month's issue (due to be released Nov. 15) for an article called "Metric Bubba". In it you will find tales from last year's Metric Mash (click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) written by one of the riders. He submitted his story to the mag, is getting it published and gets a Fisher 29'er for his troubles. Pretty cool. What makes it even more cool is that he tells me I'm mentioned in there somewhere. So be on the look-out and let me know what you think.

On a final note, good luck to Andy S. as he heads out to tackle La Ruta on his single speed. Kill it dude!

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