Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Its time to try to make up for yesterday's lame post. I will do that by showing you not one, not two, not three, not four, not five... Oh wait, got carried away there, five pictures of yours truly doing what I do best-making silly faces while riding.

Pic 1: normal me, mouth agape as usual.

Pic 2: This was supposed to be a snarl but it looks more like I'm cutting a hot cheese fart.

Pic 3: the motorboat. phhhbbbbbbbb

Pic 4: I call this one "The Jason Mahokey"

Pic 5: Kissy, kissy and leaving you wanting, no needing, more.

Last minute entry: "Wait, I think I had a thought. Nope, must have been mistaken."

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Jeff Kerkove said...

pretty funny!

rick is! said...

once in a GREAT while I have a decent post. I'll keep plugging away!

rick is! said...

#8 on biking circle today boyz! woo hoo!

Jason said...

jerk! I just read #4! ;) My finger is more than likely to be in another orifice!

rick is! said...

oh, you must be mistaken, I meant ANOTHER Jason Mahokey. sorry for the confusion :)