Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday spin

On Sunday, Marcy, B and I headed up to Rancho-de-Nelson both to visit with the rents and to make my dad and brother go out on a mountain bike ride with us. It took just a wee bit of coaxing to get my brother out since the Pats game was starting in an hour but after about 15 minutes of pestering he finally swore at us and gave in. He was in a pissy mood the whole time but I think that deep down inside he enjoyed himself especially since he made it back by kickoff.

Rolling out.

Marcy rolling through the birches.

Marcy and daddio

My oh-so-happy brother. In case you can't tell, that's his middle finger extended. I think that is his way of saying thank you.

After the first hour the rest of the group broke off to catch the game while I continued on to try to tie together a section of trail below my parents house that was ravaged by a logging operation. I was able to find my way through eventually and hooked up with the local snowmobile trail system (since that is all there is in those parts) which leads into mile upon mile of trail. I'll need to lure my other brother Rus up here again soon so we can go on one of our famous Nelson Mountain Bike Death Marchs where we go out for a planned two hours and finally crawl back six hours later bleary eyed and carrying a dog (long story).
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