Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beer me!

It was Friday night, I had a brutal day at work, we had "Beerfest" waiting at home from NetFlix so I figured what better way to send off the shitty week than to watch "Beerfest" while enjoying some fine quality brews. The Sebago Red Ale was tasty but not anything to write home about. Maybe I'll get it again, maybe I wont... The Allagash Dubbell, though, was totally kick ASS! I guess any beer with a cork and a $7 a bottle price tag should be pretty damn good I guess. I didn't get to the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout Friday night but I am drinking it now. It's pretty good as well but again, nothing to write home about. The movie was good as well, not quite "Super Troopers" good but still pretty good plus there was plenty of gratuitus booby action as well so all is good.

Three beers and a movie.

Today, in the middle of a great family day, we stopped into Bikeman's shop to pick up Marcy's new messenger bag. It was there that I spotted this bad boy.

It's a 26" (ugh) titanium Carver with Endomorph tires for some sweet powder riding goodness. Davis (Bikeman and Carver founder) told me this bike (and one other) is actually for a couple of Iditabike type crazies in Alaska. Regardless, it got me salivating about winter riding again (have I mentioned lately that I LOVE winter riding? No? Well I do.) and Davis informed me that Nokian is indeed coming out with a 29" Hakkapolita (sp?) studded tire this winter (insert childish giggle here)

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Jason said...

Beer is good.
I've alway found Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout a bit on the weak side. Anderson Valley's good, and you may be able to get it up there.

You know, your picts aren't really showing up right now.