Friday, October 12, 2007

c*ck block

Well, not a cock block really but a ride block occured last night.

Wednesday night the pooch and I ripped off 1:30 of Damariscotta's finest in a bleak, damp early Maine fall evening. It felt good to get out for a spin but I've got to admit, after the riding in Vermont this past weekend, my local trails kind of suck donkey d*ck but of course almost any ride is better than no ride these days so I'll take it.

Last night I planned on nipping out without the pooch after dinner to hit up an "urban" assault here in the Big D. As anybody who has been to Damariscotta knows, when I say "urban" I really mean "rural" and by "assault" I really mean, well I guess I mean assault. The plan was to hit all of the trails within a mile-ish of town and connect them all together via short 1/2 mile-ish road sections. When ride time rolled around I got kitted up and all ready to go when I went to grab my lights. I got my headlight mounted up no problem but couldn't, for the life of me, find my blinkie and with a chance of rain and it being after dark I really couldn't go out without it. It took me over 45 minutes to finally find the damn light and by that time I had totally lost the mojo to ride so canned it for the evening. This morning I feel like a slug and really wish I had gone but as they say "water over the bridge".

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