Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A few more race day pics

Courtesy of my mom.

My final race of the season, The Bradbury 12, is this coming Saturday. I'm pretty psyched about it right now, the weather looks to be perfect in the low 70's, its on awesome trails, one of my brother's will be duking it out with me in the solo class, a group of riding buddies are in the four man class, Marcy and B are going to be able to come by and my parents and other brother will be crewing for us. It should be a really good time. Right now, the only downside I see is that currently there are fewer than 40 people total signed up. I'm hoping this is just a case of people waiting until the last minute to register but if not it will be a pretty disappointing turnout. With the type of trails, low entry cost (only $50 for solo) and this being a perfect time of year to ride there really isn't any reason why we wouldn't have a huge turnout. Hopefully we'll at least get enough riders to encourage the promoters to run it again next year because I'm sure that once word of mouth gets around this will turn into a must race. Fingers crossed.


Jason said...

Good luck! The prob is all the new englanders are all hopped up on 'cross now! This event should have been a month ago.

rick is! said...

very true but its impossible to fit a race in around here that doesn't conflict with another although that would probably still be better.

Matt D said...

low turnout could be due to the fact that it's now cross season in New England. There are 4 cross races this weekend in the region. 2 sat, 2 sunday.