Monday, September 17, 2007

At least one of us got a prize.

Yesterday was the series finale for the Maine Mountain Bike Series. Before going into it I knew I had the expert s2 wrapped up for the year and had toyed with the idea of racing the single speed race for shits and giggles but over the weekend I had a change of heart. It turns out I was only about 30pts off of Wheels for the Master of Mud and it seemed like a shame to roll over and give it to him so by Saturday evening I had decided to race in the expert race. I knew if Wheels was on form I would have nothing for him but if he faltered at all I might, just might have a chance.

One lap into the race I was feeling great (seems like the first time in a long time) and within striking distance so I settled in for a battle on the super technical course. The most technical section of the course known as the pipeline was giving almost everyone problems but my familiarity with it allowed me to make up chunks of time on this mile long section and I figured if I kept my witts about me and slowly picked away I could claw my way up to and past Wheels. That worked for the first lap and a half but then my idiocy finally showed through. Prior to the race I pre-rode the course on my El Mariachi to avoid ripping my derailleur off right before the race like last year. Before setting out I was sure to check my tire pressure so I wouldn't have a pinch flat on one of the thousands of sharp rocks/boulders strewn on the course. Sure enough, no problems. Unfortunately while waiting for the race to start I didn't check the dos' air pressure and I ended up starting the race on too little air in both the front and rear tires feeling the rim bottom out on several occasions. By the start of the pipeline on the second lap my luck ran out and I burped my front tire after a near endo. I quickly grabbed my CO2 to top the front and rear tires off when disaster struck. Instead of the CO2 going into the tire, it shot out of the back of the nozzle and froze my finger instead (frost bite in september, sweet!). With no more CO2's or a functioning pump it was game over. Oh well, yet one more lesson in a lesson filled season. I'm not sure why I bother to show up to races two hours early if I'm not at least going to make sure the bike is in working order. Bonehead.

On a good note though, B took part in her first ever mountain bike (tricycle) race. When she saw the kids race getting ready to go and I asked her if she wanted to race she gave an emphatic "yeth" (that's yes in B speak) so we quickly made our way to the start line and got her situated with a race number. When the starter yelled "go" the rest of the kids (who were all at least 1 1/2-2 yrs older) took off and despite the fact that I was pushing her B got very upset that the other kids got away and I was forced to carry her for most of the first lap. She came out of it though and ended up completing 3 or so laps (even though it was a one lap race) and got her first ever medal and race schwag (a bell). Its enough to make a daddy proud.

The start line.

The game face. Feel intimidated?

Mid race Gatorade break.

The awards ceremony.

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Andy said...

hey I cleaned up my bike shop and found a bunch of hammer petpetium and sustained energy. I'm all about cliff bars and banana recently and don't want this stuff going to waste...any interest?

Jason said...

Sorry about your finish dude. The B-Girls finish had to more than make up for that though. Congrats! (to her)


rick is! said...

yeah andy, hook a brother up!

Andy said...

email me

tarheeltri said...

Great pics of the kids!

rick is! said...

thanks, she's a chip off the ole block. :)

Wheels said...

Sorry you had bad luck. I'm going to ask what your tire pressure is before every race next year! I enjoyed racing and competing against you, but tough to have a rivalry against a good guy!

rick is! said...

maybe next year I'll have a coach so I can actually compete against you for real.