Friday, September 21, 2007


Wednesday evening saw me and some of my buds hooking up at Bradbury for a pre-ride of this weekend's 12hr race course. Kevin (in the SMCC jersey) and I were able to grab a half lap before meeting up with the rest of the group. We ended up hitting most of the course in various directions and had a chance to check out our lighting set-ups. Three of these guys are part of the only 4-man team signed up at this point and I think they may have a chance of winning that category. Call it a hunch :)

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Now I'm going to test the new blogger video option. Sorry if the video is lame.


Wheels said...

Yeah, the video would have been better if you crashed!

Jason said...

Yeah, right when his voice got all "high"... look at the legs.. DOH!

rick is! said...

I do have a video of me crashing while we were in NC. I tried posting it but can't remember if it ever posted right. Maybe I'll post it again.