Friday, September 14, 2007

Lunchtime romp

After a 6hr afternoon meeting/ride cock block on Wednesday that left me rideless and frustrated I decided to partially make up for it yesterday during my lunchbreak. I was able to grab a 45 minute ride and still be showered and changed before the hour was up. It was my second ride on the El Mariachi since I (finally) converted it to single speed. As much as I enjoyed riding it as a 1x9, it really can't compare to it as a single. It was meant to be and I don't think it will ever go back unless I'm using it for a back-up bike in a 24 hour race.

The 300 yd pavement section to the trails.

Near the end in the Zak Preserves sweet single track. The El looks nice and clean without the gears and derailleur don't you think?

I've had so much fun on this bike over the last two rides that I'm seriously considering racing it this weekend in the Maine series finale on Sunday. I'm not sure if I'll still do the expert race on it or just jump in with the other singles. We'll see.
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