Monday, August 06, 2007

W101 quickie

52 out of 222

I don't have time for a real post re: this past weekend's Wilderness 101 but since most of the people who read the feeble blog were either there or have already heard about it from me I'll just give you some interesting tidbits that have happened since the race.

Sunday, after meager sleep JMo and I packed up camp and went our seperate ways. After 9 hours of 80 mph driving (seriously, I averaged close to 80 for the entire trip. thank god there weren't many cops out) on a VERY sore and tender ass I got home, unpacked and spent some much needed quality time with Marcy and B.

The day after a 9.5 hour race, what is the very last thing you would want to do? Besides maybe taking one up the poop shoot I'd venture to guess most people would not be caught dead on a bike the day after. Unfortunately for me that is exactly what happened. I'm not one to deny Brynna a ride in here trailer if she asks for one but when she requested a ride yesterday my sphincter involuntarilly clenched tight enough to form diamonds. But since I'm a sucker dad who does whatever my daughter wants, I dutifully hooked up the trailer and the entire family went out for a quick 30 minute jaunt. I tried on several occasions to sit because my legs were tired but would promptly scream in pain and jump back out of the saddle. A thirty minute ride totally out of the saddle with a 50 lb trailer in tow the day after a race like that is brutal, trust me.

Today the legs feel suprisingly good and besides for a butt-load (quite literally) of antibiotic cream where the sun doesn't shine I'm feeling pretty good.


Jason said...

Dude you earned some serious Dad points with that trailer pull ride. Great finish at the 101.


Marcy said...

It was pretty funny to watch - he tried to alternate pedaling with one leg and sitting half off his seat at times. Let's just say B did not have a smooth trailer ride.

Andy said...

good times. take care and heal up. beer helps.

so many people and so many experiences, can't wait to read what happened in your day at w101.

later, Andy