Wednesday, August 01, 2007

t-minus 3

W101 is quickly approaching and I'm not ready! Last night I finally decided to cut down the Ergon P1's from the Mariachi to put on the Dos but it turns out they won't work. Because of the Dos' narrow handlebars I'd have to cut so much off the P1's that I'd be cutting into the flared section. Not good. Thankfully, I noticed this before I started hacking away. So back on the Mariachi they do and I'm stuck with the Lock-ons for this weekend. Oh well, must learn to love blisters...

Tonight is yet another rest night since the legs still feel dead from the race this weekend. I tried to open them up yesterday on the ride home but for the most part they just didn't want to go so I took it easy and spun most of the way back. That is until I got to town in Damariscotta and had an old volvo wagon with a couple of kayaks stop in front of me. It seemed like the perfect moto pace vehicle. When they started back up I jumped on their bumper and worked my butt off keeping with them on the hill out of town. I noticed the female in the passanger seat smiling from the side view mirror so I figured for once I actually had a willing participant to pace me. Turns out they were not only willing but they did a very nice job of gradually picking up speed so I could stay on their bumper (at one point almost hitting my head on one of the kayaks on the roof!). When I couldn't hold it any longer, I peeled off and waved. They waved back and went on their way. Good fun and I was finally able to get the heart rate up into the zone 5 range.

Tomorrow will be a very quick (and hopefully intense) ride and packing for my Friday 6am departure. Can't wait.

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Jason said...

See you tomorrow. I'll be there by 3:30 or so. Have a good trip. Later.