Monday, August 06, 2007

more 101

I've uploaded my GPS info from Saturday's race. You can check it out HERE. Definitely check out the charts section where you can find stuff like this:

I especially like those itty bitty climbs of close to 1500 ft over the course of 3-ish miles mid race. Fun fun.

This next one is especially fun. It shows quite clearly that I essentially turned back into a pumpkin around the 60 mile mark.


Wheels said...

Now that's what I wanted to read, not your butt/saddle relationship! What a ride! The climbing looked humbling, but the descents must have been a great reward. I look forward to hearing about how you survived the event, were there any McD drive thrus on the trail?!

rick is! said...

honestly, I was so blown from the climbs that I wasn't able to enjoy the descents. Plus, they were mostly straight down, super fast, super technical and very narrow trails so I kinda took it easy so I wouldn't die.

Jason said...

There were times on those descents I could fraking barely see. Fast, bumpy, dusty, holy F!

That's sweet data. Thanks for sharing.