Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ouchie mamma

Damn, two days since the Bradbury race and my legs and body feel like I was beaten for hours by a wiffle ball bat, not really damaged but certainly tenderized. I managed to squeeze in a 45 min recovery ride last night but my commute in this morning was still veeeeerrrrry slow. I had planned on a longer ride home tonight but I'm going to have to play it by ear, if the legs are still lead it'll be short because the last thing I need for the W101 is to have tired legs.

Speaking of the 101, I'm getting close to getting set up with a condo for Friday night in State College (just a short skip from the course) so it looks like JMo and I will be getting a decent nights sleep at least. With the expected temps hovering just below 90 during the day and high sixties during the evening it sure will be nice to sleep in climate controlled comfort instead of sweating my ass off in a tent on the hard ground with a bunch of drunken goobers wandering around. Then again, Jason will be there so it might be a toss up which is worse! I'm sure he'll be spouting lots of fat girl/humidity analogies.

All registered riders also got an e-mail update from the promoters today and it looks like we're going to have a pretty stacked field with Chris Etough, Jeremiah Bishop and many others making the trip to put the smack down. Looks like I'll be serious pack fodder.

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Jason said...

How 'bout it's SO humid I thik I just got a yeast infection?

Thanks for your condo search. Keep me posted. See you soon.