Friday, July 20, 2007

over and over

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head while riding? I think most of us have. Fortunately, most people know most of (if not all of) the words to the songs that get lodged in their brains. Me, on the other hand, will always get a song stuck in in there that I've only heard a couple of times and only kinda sorta know the main verse. It annoyes the hell out of me to know about 10 words (usually not even the right words but words that closely resemble the correct ones) of a song and have it run through my head for hours. I will always try to think of another song that I actually know to drive the unwanted song out of my head but that is when I remember, I don't know more than 10 words to ANY song.

The other night I had this happen with the worst possible song ever. I don't even know the real name of it but its from a kids show called the Wiggles and has something to do with fruit salad being yummy. I know this because the four words that ran through my head for 2 1/2 hours straight on Tuesday nights ride were "fruit salad, yummy, yummy". Thats it, four frickin words for over two hours. If I ever find those stupid australian wankers I'm going to strangle them.


Jason said...

sure have, and it is ALWAYS something I hate. Worse is having a one stuck like that during a 12 or 24 solo.

Sometimes it's not a song, but a phrase or name, like Sheldon J. Plankton. Which is the full name of a character on sponge bob.

rick is! said...

huh, I figured that if anyone could get a good song in their heads it would be you being the music whore that you are.

Jason said...

you would think. you'd be wrong. If it's a song it's usually some suck song like "Papa Don't Preach"


p.s. I'm keepin' my baby...