Thursday, July 19, 2007

feel the burn

another quickie here

Yesterday I decided to head to the group road ride despite a day of light rain and more predicted through the ride. With the Wilderness 101 coming in a few weeks (!) I decided I'd better head out anyway and get in some suffering and suffer I did. I got a total of 76 miles over 4.5 hours (4 hours moving) including 40 miles with a solid group of eight brave souls. It rained lightly just about the whole time but at 65 degrees it was just warm enough that you didn't freeze. During the group ride the lactic acid built up so much in my quads that I thought for sure it was going to eat through the tissue and start to pour out of my thighs just above my kneecaps. Thankfully that didn't actually happen but if it had at least I would have had an excuse to call it a night.

During the whole ride I only had two bottles of HEED and one of Perpetuem because I had forgotten to bring any money to buy goodies before the trek home. By the time I got back to the car I was so hungry that I immediately launched into my banana and goldfish I had stashed and then upon arriving home quickly polished off three tuna melts and a plum. I felt a little guilty eating that much right before bed but damn was I hungry!

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