Tuesday, July 24, 2007

craigster and old photos

Mainer, Adam Craig kicked some arse this weekend at Mt. Snowe taking the xc, super d and second in the short track.

short blurb HERE.

Also, my mother gave me a pant load of photos over the weekend of the season's first three races. As a result, I'll be sprinkling all of my posts with various shots. Here is the first set.

The start of the Rockport race with that dude Matt Boobar (I think I've mentioned him before, not sure) right in front of me.

B working the crowd.

Me taking one of the sweet banked turns at Rockport.

Sorry, no autographs please.

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Wheels said...

FYI I'm meeting Freye @ 3pm at Bradbury Thursday and sometime Saturday am for pre-rides. Make it if you can.

rick is! said...

man, wish I could. MAYBE Saturday but definitely not tomorrow.

Wheels said...

Looks like 9am Saturday.