Monday, July 02, 2007

Cross training

Last week Marcy and I became the proud new parents of a tandem kayak from Old Town. Its a pretty sweet (beginner) rig that will allow us to do more active stuff as a family and give us something nice to do on the seriously stanky summer days to come. There is nothing better than heading out on the water when the mercury climbs. Over the weekend we got out for two paddles. Both short so we could get B used to the idea of sitting still for an extended period but still great fun. As a bonus, it gives me a chance to work my upper body muscles for a change and get some cardio work while resting the legs plus maybe I'll be able to even out the massive farmers tan I've been fighting all spring with spf 50. Good times.

On Sunday I also got out to the Camden Snow Bowl for a couple of pre-ride laps on the course for next weekend's race. I find it tough to stick strictly to the race course since there is so much sweet stuff there but I know that to do well I'll need to have the course dialed so that is what I do. After the first lap I had officially lost the pooch since the heat and his flabby ass just couldn't keep up but I set out for my second lap assuming he'd be there waiting for me when I was done. While near the top of the mountain I began to hear lots of dogs barking down near the parking and swimming area and got a bit worried that he would get into it with another dog. When I got back to the bottom I saw no less than 10 dogs, 5 at the base of the mountain and 5 in the water playing but Chance, being the good boy that he is, was waiting at the car within 200' of all 10 dogs. Thats a good pooch.

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