Thursday, June 28, 2007

official results

The official results are up from this weekend's race, 8th out of 46 experts/elites. I'm fairly content with that considering I pushed it as hard as I could on a super tech course against lots of fast guys. Unfortunately I also found out that I did not, in fact, beat Matt Boobar. I forgot he started in a wave 1 minute behind mine so he actually beat me by about 45 seconds. Frig! Damn you Boobar, damn you!

In other sport news, our new tandem kayak is being delivered today. We're totally geeked (Marcy especially) since it will give us something to do on these hot as stank days. With its pending arrival I've been considering ways of transport. The obvious and probably most used method will of course be throwing it on top of one of the dinosaur burners but for days when we take it down to the river (little over 1/4 mile away) or to the town landing (1 mile) I'd really like to have a more environmentally friendly way of hauling it. This got me thinking about hauling it behind a bike and I wondered if that was possible. Turns out it is, while blog surfing I found a link to this site called Tony's Trailers where you can buy multiple types of bike trailers including kayak haulers.

Of course, at $600 I won't be buying one anytime soon but at least I know it can be done and it might make a fun winter project for me to complete sometime around 2020.


Andy said...

will your new kyak have space for scuba tanks ;)

Marcy said...

Could fit one set-up in the forward cockpit. Rick will just have to swim alongside. :)