Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Clifford Park matty d style

Matty D (he who never blogs) did a pretty good write up from the Clifford Park race. I mostly like it because he mentions me several times though I supposed it would still be good reading even without yours truly gracing its pages.

Check it HERE!

Also, here are some pics from the Camden race course for next weekend courtesy of the Garmin Edge 305.

The map. Thankfully the climbing is 90% in the woods and you only cross the ski trails. Nothing like Mt. Snow.

Climbing from the gun. Only about 800' per lap but its all in the first 20 mins. Also in the works today, I found out from Big Gay "Fully Rigid" Al that he should have my rear Hope P2 hub working smoothly again by Friday. As you may remember I totally destroyed a bearing in it recently so I decided to replace them all while I (he) have the hub apart. I had the option of going with standard bearings at $3 a pop or ceramics at $15 per. The ceramics are slightly lighter and will last much longer but with five sets per hub I couldn't stomach the cost for my training wheel set. Al is going to spruce them up by pulling the bearings apart and putting in some better, waterproof grease to keep them rolling smoother longer. It'll sure be nice to get that wheel back and rolling smoothly again.

Last, but not least, I found out my failed Sidi's are being warrantied and a new set is on its way to me. What to do, what to do. Do I trade them in for some narrows and see how they fit me and then use them as a race only shoe or do I trade them for some of last years Lake 430's (carbon goodness) to use as race only kicks or trade them in for some other stuff I need. Ponder, ponder.


Jason said...

That was a good write up from our former blog-mate. I kept thinking to myself the report wouldn't be HALF as good if Rick Nelson wasn't mentioned so much. I might start mentioning you in my reports too.

rick is! said...

agreed. As much as I HATE to see my name in print I do think it would be better for everyone involved. :)

Wheels said...

I'm thinking about hitting the Bowl Wednesday and Saturday. Do you have any plans to ride there this week?

rick is! said...

Saturday morning for sure. I had thought about wednesday as well but may do a good road ride instead.