Friday, July 27, 2007

its on

How's this for a race course? This is a map for this weekends Bradbury Enduro. I lap, 30 miles. At times, you spend upwards of 40 minutes straight in twisty turny single track. Should be killer.

How do I train for a race like this? Two ways, Sunday morning I rode to my parents (40 miles via road) had 1/2 hr for a shower, lunch and change then head out to the hay fields for 6 hours of hay bale chucking fun. The plan had been to then ride back home but the daylight escaped me so I was forced to drive home. It would have made for one heck of a cross training day. I did, however, get a killer farmer's tan and a nice red neck.

The view from Rancho De-Nelson

1500 bales of fun to be had. You're seeing only about half of the field, maybe less.

The second way to get ready is by heading to the group road ride on Wednesday. 4.5 hours and 85 miles later the legs were spent buy VERY happy and feeling great. Typically I wouldn't do a ride like this the week of a big race but my hours have been so slim recently that I need anything I can get. I'd never do it the day before a race but with 4 days to recover I figured it was worth it with the Wilderness 101 coming up.

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weak and feeble said...

looks like a great course


rick is! said...

it is fun but you'd better be ready for lots and lots and lots of tight twisty singletrack.