Thursday, July 05, 2007

Witness to brilliance

July 5, four straight days of good rides and now I'm coming down with a freakin cold. Sweet. Everybody in this joint has been getting sick so I guess it was just a matter of time but I sure did hope to dodge the bullet. No dice. Thankfully, its going to be rainy and nasty for the next couple of days so a little r&r won't seem so bad.

Tuesday, on my ride home from work, ominous clounds began to form ahead and it became clear that I would most likely be caught in a quick summer rain storm. Having my Ipod and cell phone in my back pocket made me a bit nervous about them getting drenched so I did some quick thinking got all MacGyver and fashioned waterproof-ish housings for both from some very large leaves I found next to the road. Thankfully I only ended up getting sprinkled on but I bet it would have worked quite well for a quick storm.

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Jason said...

Dude, I'm freaking sick too. Feel like a truck hit me. Get better.